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The Skinny Bitch Collective is the most talked about wellness and lifestyle project for women right now. Preaching squatting, sleep and sex and fusing strength and metabolic conditioning with signature SBC movements.

Since being called “the secret class for supermodels” the elite crop of british fashion swear by SBC and are training alongside the next generation of female icons. These are women training the RIGHT way and supplementing their training regimes with the RIGHT nutrition.

Having coached athletes and trained alongside some top health professionals, Russell Bateman developed a training regime through a collective which was aimed specifically at promoting lean, strong, empowering women through reeducating them on the misconceptions around fitness and wellness.

This illusive class is designed to throw you as far away from your comfort zone as possible. Boredom becomes the enemy. SBC is about a balanced lifestyle and embraces elements we feel will upgrade every aspect of your life.

It’s not about being skinny, it’s about being a fit bitch! SBC is awesome.
Ellie Goulding
Nothing beats London-based Skinny Bitch Collective for a truly killer workout.
Killing it with SBC
Nicole Scherzinger
The only thing more motivating than the grueling regimen is the array of impossibly toned, A-list bodies in the room.
New York Times
When it comes to hardcore workout regimes, nothing really kicks your ass like the Skinny Bitch Collective.
The Coveteur
Bateman brings the inner animal out of his clients by making the SBC more of a “community” than a workout program. It encapsulates health, well-being, nutrition, fashion and, first and foremost, is about making a woman as empowered and strong as possible.
The most exclusive and unconventional exercise classes in London. At SBC you’ll find young, gorgeous models and actresses crawling around a West End studio trying to smack each other’s bottoms, or giving their all in an old-fashioned tug-of-war.
Daily Mail
One of the toughest regimes around.
My inner animal comes out with SBC.
Suki Waterhouse