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The Skinny Bitch Collective is fast becoming THE training regime for women from all walks of life. The elite crop of british supermodels swear by it and are training alongside the next generation of female icons. These women are training the RIGHT way and supplementing their training regimes with the RIGHT nutrition and mentality.

Our reputation has grown from changing the shape and holistic health of women using our non-generic approach to working out and wellness.

SBC is the most talked about wellness project for women right now.

Preaching sex, sleep and squatting and fusing newwave strength and metabolic conditioning with signature SBC movements. We aim to encapsulate every aspect of how you live and help you to upgrade your life and your body.

Come play with us.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

–Daft Punk

Meet The Coach

Russell Bateman

Founder Russell Bateman writes for Vogue, ELLE, Grazia and Mens Health as a wellness expert.

Described as a “workout guru” by the Times, he is passionate about changing perceptions on how women should train, eat and live for optimum wellness and vitality.

Russell Bateman

Workout Guru

– The Times

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Creator of one of the most effective training regimes around

– Calgary Avansino, Vogue Editor


An extension of our bespoke one on one service – the workshops were created to cater for the demand of our sessions.

We have gained a reputation for training the new wave of British fashion.

Girls training with the SBC are gracing campaigns for Burberry, Chanel and shooting for Vogue.

We are changing the shape of girls from all avenues with a new wave of female fitness and wellbeing.

Our workshops are a blend of the key primal movements of the human body (think squats, pushing, pulling and crawling) all with key focus on form and functionality.

The class is a mixture of some of the finest exercise protocols we have experienced.

Working and studying under numerous experts in the field, we have identied the best tactics to get lean and strong the SBC way.

The SBC classes will help you burn fat, get stronger, leaner and equip you with the tools to use in your own workouts, making your training much more effective and fun.

SBC Classes take place at 55 Baker Street at 7am on Monday and Wednesday. This is by appointment only and must be booked by emailing to reserve a place. There may be a waiting list.

The price for each class is £40 and lasts for 50 minutes.

There is an exclusive workshop at KX in chelsea but this is for KX members only.

Thankyou so much for SBC, you are amazing!

– Goop

Online Coaching

Due to our overseas popularity we have launched an SBC online coaching package to spread our training ideologies and nutritional guidance.

Each client will be asked for their health and exercise history and will be asked to complete a detailed food diary.

From your feedback you will be assessed, from which the SBC will design a progressive template with nutritional protocol that will benefit you from inside to out. This SBC template will change the way you look at food and exercise, forever.

Your goals, wants and needs will be at the fulcrum of any SBC prescription. Supplementation will also be discussed in detail with our own SBC range launching soon.

There will be no diets.

Fresh, clean paleolithic produce will be at the fore.

You WILL work hard to push yourself.
You WILL squat and deadlift.
You WILL realise your genetic potential.

Please use our contact form to make an enquiry and one of the team will get back to you regarding Online Coaching. Be sure to add a subject to the email regarding your enquiry.

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At SBC, women are training with the intensity that would floor MMA fighters

– Mens Health

SBC 2.0

Sonoya has her own style and is a unique talent fusing SBC and balletic methodology into her exclusive workshops and one to one sessions.

Her aim is to use her balletic experience combined with SBC fitness training to increase lean muscle, lengthen and elongate the female body. strength, poise and a holistic element combine to give you a unique class and steer you toward an ideal aesthetic.

All participants will be provided with a thera-band to do their own foot/ankle/calf strengthening exercises at the beginning of class and in their own time. Please come to class in fitness attire and socks, (ballet shoes are not necessary at this stage).

SBC offer tutorials and workshops with Frank Riggio, a world renown martial arts specialist fusing self defence and armed combat with fitness and strength.

SBC Martial will offer an educational empowering session pushing the boundaries of female training into new territory.

For more information on SBC 2.0, please make your enquiries below.

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A killer bod will be your reward. Just ask any Vogue cover girl of the moment

– Get The Gloss


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